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Goldens For Life Program

Autumns Goldens provides a goldens for life program allows disabled individuals and children with special needs to have a golden retriever at no cost or basic adoption processing fee of no more than $500.00- $800.00.

Golden retrievers have long been noted to have a calming effect and caring personality and very helpful for individuals with disabilities and autism. We do not provide the training for the puppies, but only provide the puppies that have temperament based on the needs of the individual we cannot guarantee the conformity of the puppy, big older than actually want to please, and help their owners, our lines, or Brett, specifically to preserve the golden retriever, as it was originally created, with that being said, their intelligence and ability to perform tasks have been phenomenal

We encourage anyone who is disabled, and I need of a therapy or assistance puppy, who cannot afford one so please fill out a puppy application and contact us. A doctors verification form must be included with a description of the disability, and they need for the golden retriever puppy.

All applicants will be interviewed and placed on our waiting list for when one becomes available. We look forward to helping persons in need it is very fulfilling to know that our goals are being used to help others.

Some of our goldens are donated to EMS and police and other Community Based programs as well.

Persons making donations to Autumns Goldens, by purchasing one of our prints or puppies are used to purchase food and items to help persons in need to help their animal. This includes medical, food and other expenses. Some proceeds also go into our organic farm, which grows organic, heirloom produce, and fruit that is donated to community food, banks and persons in need of nutritional food. This includes elderly and nursing homes. It has been shown and proven that these foods can help change lives.



Autumns Goldens

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