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Tips For A Healthy & Happy Puppy

Bringing Jot Through Goldens

  • DO: Schedule an appointment with your local AKC veterinary hospital within 72 hours prior of receiving your puppy so you can get the puppy in quickly. It’s important to follow your local vet’s vaccination schedule and have him/her check your puppy too.​

  • ​DO: We suggest everyone get pet insurance for loss from your home owners insurance. 

  • DO: We suggest to getting a pet insurance like AKC Pet Health Insurance or one of your choosing to keep the cost down during the first year of visits with the veterinarian we use AKC Pet Insurance you get 30 days free included in your purchase of the puppy, that includes first visit for free and more.

  • DO: Mix the puppy’s current food with the food you plan to give him in the future. If you switch the puppy to new food all at once, you will risk giving him uncomfortable diarrhea (plus a lot more mess for you to clean up!). Slowly wean the puppy off his previous food.

  • DO: Spend lots of time playing with and talking to your puppy. Golden retrievers thrive on human interaction. Their main goal in life is to please you!

  • DO: Work on housebreaking, leash training, and crate training right away, if you want to teach your puppy these skills. These can usually be worked on simultaneously.

  • DO: Consider spaying or neutering your puppy. Only high-quality dogs should be bred, and many families are surprised when their female retriever unexpectedly has a litter of pups. Do your part with a male dog, too, by having him neutered. We take care that all dogs we breed have good health and positive temperaments.

  • DON’T: Leave your puppy alone for hours during the work day. Their bladders can’t hold pee for such a long time. Puppies’ bladders are not fully developed until about 4 months, so expect occasional accidents even after they are housebroken.

  • DON’T: Forget to vaccinate your puppy. Vaccines are very important to the long-term health and well-being of your new family member. Check with your local veterinarian to see their recommendations but do not over vaccinate.

  • DON’T: Get discouraged by the amount of work it is to train a puppy. It is worth it! Keep persevering and you will be rewarded in the future by a well-trained dog.

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