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Award of Merit

Taylor And Harper The Golden Pup

In honor of Taylor and Harper the golden pup we present our Merit Award for outstanding care and dedication, Taylor came to us years ago, looking for a companion she had chosen Harper from one of our litters and it was love at first sight.

  Taylor had been in remission from cancer and celebrating life we were so honored to help Taylor with a new family member Harper, The Golden Pup. Taylor is one of the many clients we have throughout the United States and Canada we keep in touch with. This was a very difficult choice as all of our clients and puppies are very special to us but we had to make a choice, so we choose Taylor to be recognized for her loving care and time she has spent with Harper we have posted some videos and photos highlighting Harper's growth and the time they share. We used videos from Tayler's Tik-Tok with permission and some photos and videos that were sent to us from her that are posted below. if you would like to follow Taylor you can find it listed in the videos.

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