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    Autumns goldens is a family-based breeder that has been breeding for over 3 decades we specialize in the preservation of golden retrievers and Nova Scotia duck trawlers the golden retriever was first successfully bred in the 1850s by Lord Tweedmouth, we spend great time in researching genealogy for ancestral traits to keep the golden retriever as true to form as possible.

     Even though we are a breeder our primary function is education and the preservation of these wonderful breeds The donations and adoption of our golden retrievers go Into funding the preservation and care of these wonderful breeds as well as many services that we offer some of our golden retrievers have been loaned out for handicap and we donate golden retrievers every year to those in need. Some of our donations also include community services such as emergency medical services the police, Fire and Rescue and more.

     We are located on many acres that provide open ground for our golden retrievers to develop naturally and healthy with plenty of fresh air and a place to run encourages the health and development of our golden retrievers. also located on our facilities is a non-GMO garden that is used to grow heirlooms and dedicated to preservation of historical fruit and produce which is very high in nutrients that is donated out food banks and facilities such as nursing homes. these foods are higher nutritional value helping to optimize the health and well-being of our elderly and persons in need.

     Our family has been breeding animals for many generations our original homestead has been in the family for over 150 years located just an hour away We believe in old-fashioned values We provide discounts on occasion that help people obtain a quality golden retriever.  

    We are AKC heart certified and are a AKC Member with membership in Golden Retriever Club of America, as well as other national and local goldens retriever breed clubs we always maintain the highest of standards and responsibilities. We offer historical and up to date education and resources to new and existing pet owner'(s) on our forum and website that provides many sources of information feel free to explore.


   Some of our many standards and practices also includes Multi -Generation Genetic History Profiling, OFA DNA testing specific for the breed through UC Davis partnered with OFA.  Our success rate and confidence in our puppies allows us to offer a three-year pet health guarantee allowing customers to be confident in knowing they’re getting a quality pure breed golden retriever before they go to a forever home. to learn more about us and what we do as reputable and responsible breeder please use this link below.

Our free membership page also provides a place that clients and customers to post and share experiences and find articles of interest and history.  Membership is always free.

​       Sincerely,

       Autumns Goldens

Responsible Breeders

What Responsible Breeders Should Do.

 Finding a local Breeder or locating a good breeder can be very difficult so this video may help some in knowing what to look for in a responsible breeder. It is not uncommon for clients to travel hundreds even thousands of miles to find a quality breeder, but the truth is when it comes to getting a quality golden retriever sometimes, we must do just that. 

Meet the Team

Our Goldens recommend and love our veterinarian teams and we believe you will to they take care of all our needs


Contact Us

Please contact us for questions and information.

Autumns Golden
346 west main street,
Salem, Kentucky, 42078

Phone (270) 243-7938

Fax (313) 427-0926

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