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    Autumns Goldens is a NON- Profit family and volunteer-based preservation and education provider as well as offering adoption for golden retrievers and Nova Scotia duck trawlers; We are AKC breeder of heart certified and are a AKC member with membership in Golden Retriever Club of America, as well as other national and local goldens retriever breed clubs we always maintain the highest of standards and responsibilities and codes of ethics. We offer historical and up to date education and resources to new and existing pet owner'(s) on our forum and website that provides many sources of information feel free to explore. We spend great time in researching genealogy for ancestral traits to keep the golden retriever as true to form as possible of the original breeding this helps us to preserve this wonderful breed some of our puppies are sold through adoption and some are donated for special services as service dogs. our adoptions are utilized in providing the care for our goldens and services adoption fees do change depending on the availability and contributions. without these some families and services would not be available, and some persons would not know the joy of having one of these wonderful breeds we have to offer.

     Even though we do breed for preservation purposes our primary function is free education and the preservation for these wonderful breeds Some of our golden retrievers have been loaned out to disabled persons and special needs and we donate golden retrievers every year to those in need. Some of services include but not limited donations to emergency medical services the police, Fire and Rescue. We also help in rescue and rehoming older puppies and adults for individual who are seeing placements for their Golden Revivers as part of our rescue and rehome program. Our homestead farm located on several acers works also in the preservation of growing heirloom fruit, produce and medicinal plants these items go to the elderly, communities' and originations in need of healthy and high nutritional food and herbs. we never breed for profit or gain we do this for the love of the golden retriever's and what they can offer too so many.

     Our family has been breeding animals and farming for many years the original homestead farm has been in the family for over 150 years located just an hour away from our location. We believe in old-fashioned values. 

and are imbedded into our standards and practices that also includes Multi -Generation Genetic Genealogy History Profiling, OFA DNA testing specific for the breed through UC Davis partnered with OFA.  Our success rate and confidence in our puppies allows us to offer a three-year pet health guarantee allowing customers to be confident in knowing they’re getting a quality pure breed golden retriever before they go to a forever home. to learn more about us and what we do as reputable and responsible breeder and preservation group please use this link below. 

Our free membership page also provides a place that clients and customers to post and share experiences and find articles of interest and history.  Membership is always free.


​       Sincerely,

       Autumns Goldens

Responsible Breeders

What Responsible Breeders Should Do.

 Finding a local Breeder or locating a good breeder can be very difficult so this video may help some in knowing what to look for in a responsible breeder. It is not uncommon for clients to travel hundreds even thousands of miles to find a quality breeder, but the truth is when it comes to getting a quality golden retriever sometimes, we must do just that. 

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Our Goldens recommend and love our veterinarian teams and we believe you will to they take care of all our needs

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