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Our Males

Breeding Perfection

All our Golden Retrievers are stunning in their own ways, and our beautiful boys are no exception. With a variety of colors and traits, we are sure to have the animal with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle! Our Males pass on lines to our litters to help create the perfect Family Pet or ACK champion all of our goldens have Championship Bloodlines In show, athletics and hunting.  Not all of our males are posted here some may be found in our gallery and there offspring.


AKC Golden Retriever 

Logan, Is a gentle boy who love to play he is a wonderful father to any litter rather his or not and takes part in teaching them. he is very loyal and compassionate to everyone. his litters have all been an incredible joy to all.



AKC Golden Retriever

There’s no doubt Sampson is a playful bundle of fur, he loves to play and enjoys time cuddling, he is thick coated and still growing his hair out. Sampson is our newest male he has been a blessing to us to have him part of our family.

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